indoor playground 3d max design

this video show how we make the indoor playground with 3d max software

We open the garden season and introduce you to the must-Haves 2020 for your outdoor furniture. We have put together a checklist of furniture for every garden type that should not be missing this season. Here you will learn how to create a green oasis with our balcony furniture on the balcony and even in your home. In Part 2 we finally tell you how to make your garden spring fit.

Enjoy the Happy Spring Awakening!

Check List Balcony
What could be better than getting up with the first rays of the sun and having breakfast outside? Sun makes you happy and healthy. Scientists have already discovered this. When sunlight hits our skin, the body releases the happiness hormone Serotonin. So we do something for our health and step outside.

Many city dwellers now do not expect the view of the wide green, but, if you are lucky, at least a balcony. This summer we provide real balcony pleasures and set up an empire under the open sky…

1. Choose your balcony Look
If you practically set up an Outdoor room, make sure to set yourself to a theme or Look beforehand. Be it a color family and a style: everything should at best be coordinated from the seat cushion to the table. Here we have put together a few (T) rooms on balconies for you:

2. Folding furniture – so convenient!
Practical folding furniture is ideal in a confined space. This allows the table to quickly and easily make room for a deckchair or drying rack if required. Also conceivable is a Lounge corner made of Europallets and comfortable outdoor cushions in the niche on the narrow side of your balcony.

3. Outdoor rugs – the new Must-Haves
Make your balcony your open-air living room – where else do you have the opportunity to live roofed and yet under the open sky and set yourself up? The trend for 2017 is: outdoor carpets that make it wonderfully homely on the balcony and give the bare floors warmth and colorful radiance!

4. Vertical space use hanging plants are trending
What many often forget, is the vertical space that a balcony quasi-inclusive delivers. So we build upwards and can conceal bare walls at will. Particularly practical are wall panels on which you can attach flowers or herbal pots and thus have your own herb garden right outside the door.

Finally, attach hanging pots directed outward to the railing, the place inside the balcony we want to finally use as “living space”.

5. Light delights – outdoor lamps for balcony
In the evening, atmospheric lanterns, Lampion fairy lights or small tea lights bring a cozy atmosphere outside. So you can listen to the crackling of the tea lights or talk extensively until late into the summer night under the cuddly blanket.

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