5 indoor garden ideas for a small home

Asian style garden by David Jiménez. Arquitectura y paisaje

Indoor Garden
Who has neither balcony, nor Garden in front of the door, does not have to do without a green oasis. The home gardener trend around succulents and co. rising in 2020 to a new Level called the Indoor garden! Learn more about how to design the Indoor garden at home here. With these 3 tips, nature will find a new home for you:

1. Plants from all sides
It can also be green from all sides at home: houseplants on the floor, hanging plants (for a change also tillandsias in glass galaxies) dangle casually from the ceiling. Pinterest tip: simply place plants in Baster baskets-pleasant living feeling with light Ethno Spirit!

2. Outdoor furniture, Indoor use
→ Rattan Comeback: the cult furniture of the 70s move into our home and our hearts both outside and inside. Of course, this flexibility makes them even more popular. Sit back in the Rattan rocking chair and relax.

→ Milan: Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly or Frank Sinatra-they all enjoyed the sun of Mexico in the 50s in the lounge chairs that are so trendy again today. These extraordinary chairs with colorful plastic cords are called Acapulco Chair. The weatherproof armchair thus becomes a dazzling eye-catcher both outdoors, as well as in your Indoor garden at the dining table or in the living room!

3. Prints with natural motifs
To complete the feeling of nature, you can now dress your walls with chic nature Prints. This also creates the right backdrop for the Indoor garden.

Looking for Indoor Container garden tips and plans?

Here are a few simple tips for growing herbs and vegetables indoors in a Sunny location, including the use of Grow Lights!

Design your own vegetable garden using our free “vegetable garden planner” Software!

Learning how to be indoors at home is a very rewarding pastime.

We want to cover the area for those who have an interest in the culture of indoor planting.

Our goal is to select plants and pots for your home environment.

Download free garden planning worksheets, garden diary, zone plan or planting guide download

You need to find a sunny location, or you can use Indoor Grow Lights to make up for any lack of sunlight.

With only a small area you can grow a reasonable amount of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in containers.

Carrots, Radishes, peas, cabbage, lettuce, strawberries and chives are just a small selection of plants that can be planted with a little ingenuity.

Almost any vegetable can be grown successfully in an inner container.

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